Storytelling 101

Storytelling techniques and story structure build your skills as a great storyteller for friends, stage or the workplace.

Learn the basics of story structure and share your life experiences with others that make them feel like they were there when it happened.

While the application may differ, story structure and effective storytelling techniques remain the same. In this workshop, we look at story basics that will enhance your communications skills no matter the situation.

Did you know that being a great storyteller helps to….

Deepen your connections with others

Increase your general life satisfaction

Be more attractive to the opposite sex

In this workshop, we focus on autobiographical storytelling.  We’ll learn how to turn a life experience into a compelling story. that captures the attention of the audience and immerses all of their senses.  In this workshop you can expect to:



We look back at moments in your life that stand out, that can be retold into a compelling story.


Once we have an idea for a story, we reframe the events into a story structure.


Practice your story by sharing it with the class. Low stress and intimidation factor.

Participants will team up to give each other feedback on their story. This will give each participant an opportunity to refine their story. Every participant will have the opportunity to share their story with the class. (This is why we limit it to 10) Each story is recorded so that you can go home with a copy of how you sound when you’re in full storyteller mode.

You’ll also get specific feedback on your story from the instructor, and everyone will get a top 10 list of storytelling techniques, tips and tricks that will help take any story to the next level. Side effects of this workshop include becoming the life of the party and increased social standing.

Storytelling 101