Crafting the Perfect Ask

Storytelling Techniques & Motivational Psychology

Mix them together to Craft an irresistible ask.

Join us in this full day workshop that will dramatically improve your results!

We’ve teamed up with Quiet Legacy to design a storytelling workshop for non-profit professionals.

Have you ever spent hours developing the perfect ask, only to find it worked with certain donors, but not others?

Ever wish that you could improve your results without spending a significant amount of time and budget?

Build Your Story

Connect with Different Personalities

Appeal To Your Donors

Crafting the Perfect Ask is a full day workshop in which we show you how to break your ask down into its core components, and then rebuild it using a combination of storytelling and motivational techniques that are designed to connect with different personalities and appeal to specific types of donor.

We will show you how to quickly assess, evaluate and respond to the personality type of your donor “in real time” to maximize both the size and number of gifts from your prospect list.

**Participants should bring with them the outline of a current ask, appeal or campaign that they wish to perfect and workshop during the event.


What People have Said

“Thought Provoking”

Thought provoking…makes you think about your own communication style when approaching donors & the importance of speaking in “their” language.

Lisa Mazurek

London Health Sciences Centre

“Impact in a positive way”

Understand your personality style to impact in a positive way the donors & colleagues around you who have a different style and present your message accordingly.

Sue Mitchell


“Learned valuable info”

I studied 4 years of storytelling in University, yet learned all new and valuable info today.

Jeremy Carrothers

United Way

Craft The Perfect Ask

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