Business Storytelling

As a small business owner who you are, and why you do what you do, is what makes your business unique. Your story is what can set you apart from the competition.


In this workshop, we’ll look at how your personal story connects with your company’s message and how it relates to your target audience. In developing your story, we’ll help you to identify that pivotal moment in your past that led you to where you are today and how it connects to your vision.

Learn the fundamentals of story and storytelling and how to apply that to your business communications
Build the story of your Why behind what you do, applying key story elements drawn from your past experiences.
Practice telling your professional story that captures and emotionally connects with your audience, builds trust and inspires customers.

Each participant will be given time in small groups to craft their story and get individual feedback on content and delivery. At the end of the workshop, each participant will tell their story to the class. Feedback will be provided by the instructor as to storytelling techniques and from the other participants. Each story will be recorded and provided to each participant for future reference.

Once you know the story of why you do what you do, you can then confidently retell your story at networking events, company bio or website copy in a way that engages and inspires others to join or to help you.


Business Storytelling