Our Courses

Learn the essentials of story structure and storytelling to capture the attention of your audience, connect on an emotional level and stand out from the crowd.

Storytelling 101

For friends or for the stage, learn how to turn personal experiences into compelling stories. In this workshop, we break down the fundamentals of story structure and storytelling techniques. Each participant will have a chance to share their story and get audience feedback. Capture the attention of any audience with stories that ignite the imagination.

Business Storytelling

Ideal for small business owners or social enterprises looking to craft a compelling founders story or pitch. In this workshop, we look at how your personal passion and professional journey align with your business mission. We define your core values and how they are reflected in your story. Each participant will have a chance to share their story and get audience feedback.

Non-Profit Fundraising Storytellers

Specific to fundraising professionals, we look at how to incorporate stories in crafting the perfect ask. We look at story structure and storytelling techniques and as well as motivational psychology designed to help you to target your ask to your specific donor. We’ve partnered with Ryan Fraser of Quiet Legacy to design and deliver a full day workshop.

Funny Stories

Humour is the shortest distance between two people. It increases long-term memory retention, persuasion and the likeability of the speaker. The right joke can put your audience at ease. If done right. Learn joke structure and the effective way to make your stories funny. You’ll also learn the Dos and Don’ts of using humour in the workplace.

Bring the power of story to your organization

If you’d like to bring one of our storytelling workshops to your organization or if you’re looking for something more custom, let us know!