Words From Our Past Storytellers

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some inspiring, forward thinking leaders and innovative professionals.  From the entrepreneurial world and established organization, hear the different ways we’ve been able to help them reach their career goals through the power of storytelling.

“I love working with Kate because I get better so quickly. When we’re dissecting my talk and digging into all the flaws, it can feel like really hard work and is sometimes frustrating. That’s where Kate comes in because she knows what a great talk looks and sounds like and isn’t afraid to push you to always get better. She immediately saw when I was most nervous, the things I did unconsciously that made me look uncomfortable and the different ways I spoke that made me sound more and less credible. With her critique, I started to see all the things that she saw, but the next time I was up on stage the change was remarkable!  Dedicated use of my hands, steady breath, and most importantly, a strong clear message presented confidently. Most people offer decent suggestions for incremental changes. Kate, on the other hand, has that rare gift of seeing the whole story, from when you walk on stage to when the audience claps and all of her feedback is geared at making that the most effective, impactful and insightful story possible. It’s not about incremental changes here and there, it’s about how the whole story weaves together.”

Ashley Good

CEO Founder, FailForward

“I had so many ideas from different presentations but struggled to connect them in a logical order that made sense. Kate helped to draw out my ideas, define my words more clearly and create a structure to my presentation.”

David Graham

Executive Coach, Edge 3

“Kate provided an excellent interactive workshop! Her communication style allows her participants to feel comfortable enough to interact and participate. An effective presenter, Kate drives her points home with energy and enthusiasm – I would not hesitate to recommend her workshops to anyone interested in improving their presentation skills.”

Jennifer Jackson

CHRP , Megaron Realty Corporation

“Kate is a provocative and inspiring coach!  She’s able to sift through a client’s myriad of experiences to identify the “gold nuggets” that craft a compelling personal story. Her guidance helped me to tell my story in an authentic, grounded and impactful way. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Claudia Adair

Founder & CoCreator, ImpactBank

“How can I ever thank you for what you did to my TEDx talk? Without your acute observations and your uncanny ability to get at the heart of the matter (poking and prodding me toward that space where you knew the truth of my talk lay), I would not have been able to receive the rousing ovation that I did at the end of it. Many in the audience told me how moved they were and this could not have been possible without your coaching and gentle manoeuvring. I was guided by your invisible hand through the whole process. Your profound encouragement played in my head with every word I spoke. I hope someday that I can return one-tenth what you have given me…Thank you!”

Sang Kim

Playwright |Chef | Restaurateur , TEDx Speaker

“A mentor of mine who spoke highly of Kate’s ability and had suggested that we should connect. As a communications professional, crafting compelling stories is my bread and butter, so my expectations were unfairly high before we met. Kate was better than good. She has leveraged her natural talent in narratives and has truly developed it into skilled practice. I was blown away by how she was able to absorb so much about who I was and help reveal the inner conflicts and desires that had been so difficult for me to express. Despite my seemingly unrelated interests, she was able help me identify and offer her thoughts on how all of this orchestrates into something more. All of that was just from an 1.5 hour long session. Needless to say, I am fan of her work, and will definitely be engaging in a workshop in the near future.”

Vishal Tiwari

“I’m very comfortable in front of audiences facilitating workshops. However, the art of storytelling requires a different set of tools and a different mindset. Kate has been a huge support and inspiration in my growth as a storyteller. A great storyteller in her own right, Kate has taught me how to connect with an audience on a much deeper, more emotional level –  it’s an exhilarating feeling when it all comes together! “

Natlie Currie

Professional Coach | Experiential Trainer | Speaker, Finding the Way Coach

“I loved working with Kate! The process I hired her to help me with was to create a story that fit in between songs for a show I was performing. We didn’t have a lot of time or really any precedent to follow. Kate was wonderful in hearing what I wanted and then being practical, honest & skilful in helping me craft a story & journey that I felt confident sharing. She jumped in with both feet and was willing to figure out how to do this right along with me. After the show, everyone complimented me on how much they enjoyed the story and how well put together it was. I’m not sure that would have happened without her guidance. The other thing I loved was that I learned so much as we went along. Can’t wait to work on the next show! “

Jen Cook

Singer, Voal Coach, Red Jenny and The Boys

“After winning the first round of the International Speech Competition at my Toastmasters club, I sought Kate’s expertise to help take my speech to the next level. Kate analyzed my somewhat disjointed spiel and helped transform it into a powerful story. Her discerning mind and understanding of character, structure, and plot fundamentals helped elevate my speech ten-fold. I continue to use the craft I learned from Kate to transform my speeches into impactful stories. Kate is professional, thoughtful, and passionate. Her process is both rigorous and fun. For anyone who wants to become a stronger communicator, I recommend Kate without reservation: call her!”

Shahid Quadri

Freelance, Digital Designer