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Our Approach To Storytelling

A Story Database

An outline of key moments, experiences and reflections that can be used later to illustrate your values, perspective, knowledge and ideas to others in a way that is distinctly you within the structure of a story.

Using Story In Business

Our brains respond differently to stories than other forms of information sharing. Information told in story structure increase our attention because they stimulate parts of our brain that regulate our emotions making it “sticky” and memorable.

Ideas and Story

Stories are able to make complex ideas more easily understood and can affect our behavior and increase our ability to relate and connect with each other.

Team Cohesion & Connection

Sharing personal stories that have influenced you in your values or thinking are never easy to share with others publicly without tremendous courage. The best stories are of a hero that transforms, is challenged and overcomes told with emotion and brevity. To be told effectively it means reliving that experience for a moment.

There is a science as well as an art to storytelling, and like anything else it takes time and knowledge to get good at it. It also takes courage and certain level of vulnerability because telling the type of stories that connect with others requires us to share a bit of ourselves without guarantee or promise. The stories that resonate are the ones of transformation, revealing those moments when we fell, when we were challenged, made the wrong decision and had to overcoming obstacles. They are the stories of the lessons learned along the way to triumph and success, through which we reveal our humanity and truly connect with others.