Storytelling Tips & Tricks

How to Make People Laugh

Adding humour to your presentation is one of the quickest ways to win an audience to your side. However, if done poorly, it’s also one of the fastest ways to create unnecessary enemies. It’s a tool that can cut both ways if not used properly. We break down the top four joke theories as to what makes people laugh.

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Fundraising Storytelling Done Right

SickKids debuted their latest donor campaign with a powerful new video: Sick Versus Undeniable. Given the online response in my Facebook newsfeed alone, it could easily be mistaken for the latest Beyonce single. SickKids VS Undeniable is an action packed...

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The Story Of Your Future Career

If you're lucky, you get to live your passion every day in a job you love. But sometimes what was love on the first day,  is now a source of frustration and stagnation. Instead of being inspired every day, you're convinced the Matrix is real and you’re...

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The Power of Story in Fundraising

Using storytelling techniques and motivational psychology to tailor your ask and drastically increase the impact on your donor to inspire them to act. A targeted ask that comes in the form of a story is able to tap into our intrinsic motivations and inspire us to act in ways that data and numbers can’t.

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Building Brand You

In the world of social media and today’s gig economy, everyone is marketing themselves in one way or another. How do you know what your brand is when you’re looking in the mirror? How we want to see ourselves and how we are, often times is two different things.

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Past Live Events

The Power of Storytelling : Big3 Video

The future of all business is about storytelling. As a small business owner who you are is what makes your business unique. In this workshop you’ll learn how to turn your bottled passion that inspires your business into a powerful story. ONLY 15 SPOTS AVAILABLE – REGISTER EARLY

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Avanti Women

Join us for a Networking Speed Storytelling Event. Come out and meet new people while learning how to craft what you do in a story that connects with others while sharing your passion and business vision.

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