What is 9to5 Narrative?

9to5 Narrative explores the power of personal storytelling our professional lives, authentically sharing our experiences through stories to better connect with others, highlighting our ideas and demonstrating our values through example.

Offering one-on-one sessions,  we help our clients to develop their story by discovering the common narrative at play in their life that makes them unique while connecting them universally to others.

We also offer various workshops and organizational partnerships that teach the fundamentals of story structure and storytelling that can be applied in both personal and organizational communications.

What does storytelling have to do with Branding?

Most branding exercises are about molding yourself to to fit and external idea of who you think you should be or set of values. In taking the perspective of a storyteller, we look to build your brand from the inside out, by looking at your experiences, putting different moments into context and finding the common thread that ties them all together. In going through this process it then becomes easier to see the connection between your personal value set as demonstrated through action or shaped by situation.

Is storytelling hard?

Sharing personal stories that have influenced you in your values or thinking are never easy to share with others publicly without tremendous courage. The best stories are of a hero that transforms, is challenged and overcomes told with emotion and brevity. To be told effectively it means reliving that experience for a moment.

There is a science as well as an art to storytelling, and like anything else it takes time and knowledge to get good at it. It also takes courage and certain level of vulnerability because telling the type of stories that connect with others requires us to share a bit of ourselves without guarantee or promise. The stories that resonate are the ones of transformation, revealing those moments when we fell, when we were challenged, made the wrong decision and had to overcoming obstacles. They are the stories of the lessons learned along the way to triumph and success, through which we reveal our humanity and truly connect with others.

Why is storytelling so great?

Recent advancements in neurology have revealed that our brains respond differently to stories than they do other forms of information sharing. Information told in story structure increase our attention because they stimulate parts of our brain that regulate our emotions. When information is encoded with emotion they become “sticky”, memorable and have greater recall. Stories are able to make complex ideas more easily understood and can affect our behavior and increase our ability to relate and connect with each other.

What if you don't have a story?

Everyone has a story, sometimes it just takes an outside perspective to reveal it.

Often times we can’t see our own story because we are too busy living our lives, reacting to situations. To us our lives appear “normal”, if not boring, especially compared with the Facebook versions of others.  But everyone’s life is different and although we share common realities ( or what I like to call narrative themes: love, loss, betrayal, relationships) our experiences of them are very different and shape our unique perspective of the world. Given that no one person’s experiences is exactly the same, together they naturally create interesting and compelling story that describes you, and what makes you different while at the same time the same.

What is a Narrative Summary™?

A Narrative Summary is an outline of your key storytelling elements drawn from your experiences that are unique and specific to you. It lists your personal values and draws a direct line to your life experiences as an expression of those values. It also lists the words and phrases you use, because how we communicate is also an expression of self. Developed from Discovery session and recording, an outline highlights those words and phrases of ideas most commonly used that can then be incorporated in your individual story development or personal communications.

To enhance individual stories,  images and symbols are also suggested that can be used represent your values, character and ideas. In combination with your story database, personal values and key words, we identify your Mentor Archetype: those unique skills and knowledge that you have that helps others be heroes in their own journey.




What is a Beat Sheet™?

A Beat Sheet breaks down the elements and stages that go into constructing a great story.

What is a Story Database?

Your Story Database is an outline of key moments, experiences and reflections that can be used later to illustrate your values, perspective, knowledge and ideas to others in a way that is distinctly you within the structure of a story.

It’s made up of two parts: Public and Private.

Your Private database is made up of your personal moments and experiences that aren’t generally meant for others given their emotional weight. They can be moments in our life that are essentially private, but have still played a large role in your motivations and who you are. Even though these stories may never be shared, there is  foundation of confidence that comes from going through the process of story development because it helps to re-frame the experience, giving it context and meaning in in our lives.

Our Public stories are those that we are comfortable in sharing with others, that while being authentic they’re not as personal, while still sharing with others they WHY behind what we do.

Together they make up your personal reference library for future story development that can be used in both social and professional settings depending on your goals, from which you can weave together or develop separately a cohesive narrative that helps to support and demonstrate your message in a way that is authentic and engaging for the audience.

What is a Mentor Archetype?

We are not always the hero of our story. In fact stories that make others the hero, such as customers or clients, are more engaging. Within a story, your role is the mentor, whom, with your special gifts, knowledge and talents ensure the success of the hero. In developing the Mentor Archetype, we take a look at how your experiences are the source of your special knowledge or talents that you’re able to share and help others succeed.

In the typical heroes journey, there is the mentor that shows up and helps wither with knowledge or a particular gift that will ensure success. Obie One Kan-obi in Star Wars, Morpheus in Matrix and Dumbledore in Harry Potter. As described in Story Wars, your service as an entrepreneur, social innovator or personal brand, is your unique ability, skill or knowledge that helps someone else succeed in their own journey.