Story Coach

Stories help you to emotionally connect with your audience emotionally, in a way that stats and data cannot. They naturally encourage empathy and trigger neural connects to make information memorable.

A story coach can help you to structure your experience into a compelling narrative, and show you how to best use stories in a professional context that helps you to achieve your professional goals.

You have goals. Big audacious goals! You know what you do and why it matters. Now all you need to do is connect those two things in a way that moves your audience to action. We help you to figure out how to leverage stories and use storytelling in business in a way that connects your message to your audience and your professional goals.

We know that boardroom standing ovations only happen in the movies. In real life, the best standing ovation you can get at work is engagement. As a leader in business, what you say and inspire and engage your employees in way that positively impacts your bottom line.  To an entrepreneur, it’s a new client. To a professional, a promotion. In business, you know you’ve succeeded when you get to the end of your presentation and audience starts talking to each other.  They have follow-up questions such as “When do we start?” or “How can I get involved?” Everybody wants to work with you!

But grabbing people’s attention away from their cell phone can be the hardest thing to do. (Candy Crush anyone!?) This can be even harder depending on the day of the week. (Wednesday is called Hump day for a reason!) or if it’s a super sunny warm day and everyone’s inside.

So how do you share your message and experiences in a way that is exciting and interesting to someone else?

We use science! Really! Storytelling is not about a hand-holding, Kumbaya, touchy feel=ly, not at all appropriate in a work environment sort of thing. Scientists have proven, in lab conducted studies with brain electrodes and blood tests on real humans, why stories are so effective. Turns our that stories naturally evoke an emotional response in others that make them pay attention and engage on an emotional level. They make ideas memorable. They present information in a way that’s understandable. They come prepacked with emotion and better yet, they’re unique in their ability to naturally build trust with others. Stories are persuasive without being slimy or disingenuous.

But you first need to know that key to a good story and the proper structure that unlocks all their power. 

Whether you’re a professional who’s been asked to present to your team or a small business owner looking to define your company brand, the right story can go a long way to connecting with your target audience and achieving your goals.

The trickiest thing is knowing what stories to use and how to best share them.

Here’s How We Work


When you’re immersed in something, like your life, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. So to start we grab a coffee, take a seat and settle into me asking you a lot of questions. As a story coach, I follow my curiosity looking for those moments in your life that make you unique. I want to know the path you took when it diverged in the woods and how that connects to where you are now.
I listen. I record and then I go away……


I put together your Professional Narrative Summary and we meet up again to brainstorm and identify different stories to develop. Not all stories are meant for public consumption, especially in business. We brainstorm to identify which ones best align with your current goals, and collaborate on how and when best share them with others. Whether that’s that’s your online profile, networking pitch or origin story.


Now that we have our stories, we focus on becoming better storytellers. We also look at our audience, because in business, a story is only as good as the person listening. Then depending on your business goals: keynote speech, networking events, elevator pitch, interview responses, we practice sharing your story with others until it’s as natural as breathing!

What else is included and how much time will this take? 

  • Each session is approximately 2 hrs long. They’re recorded that way we can relax knowing any and all great ideas that come up are not missed. You also get a copy of our discussion to refer back to whenever you want.
  • You’ll also get a custom Professional Narrative Summary which is a report that outlines all possible stories that we can use now, or you can use later to reference. It includes other storytelling resources that you can refer back to as you develop your storytelling skills.
The process of discovery and development often come together, but sometimes you just need a little help or feedback on the story or message you’ve already got. If you’re not looking to go deep, but rather get an expert opinion, we can meet you where you’re at to best fit your needs.
If you’d like to get started let’s chat! Email me at or book here for a 15 minute, free (no obligation) call.