Story Coach

Knowing your professional narrative makes you adaptable to any professional situation. You’re ready and able to tell your story authentically, connect with your audience emotionally and share your values, knowledge and passions, in a way that naturally builds trust and relationships.


In this first session, a little like a journalist, I follow my curiosity ask you a lot of questions to try to uncover narrative themes that are specific and unique to you.


Building on the first session, we take all pieces that were previously identified to weave together a cohesive narrative that fits your personal or professional goals.


In the last session we look to hone your message and how to best deliver it  in different scenarios relevant to your business goals: keynote or presentation, personal bio, resume summary or business communications.

What's The Process?
Our session is recorded so you don’t have to worry about writing anything down and your information is put into a Professional Narrative Summary, which includes an outline of your story database, identifies your corresponding personal values, possible narrative themes, a description of your mentor archetype and catch phrases with key words that are unique expressions that together shape your personal brand.
What Does It Include?
  • We meet for 2 hours in person or over Skype and I ask a lot of questions.
  • The session is recorded and later edited to more easily reference possible stories.
  • A copy is provided to you for future reference.
  • Your personal Narrative Summary™ outlines your key experiences for potential story development. This includes your Mentor Archetype, Story Database™, personal values and key phrases.
What's the process?
We review the Narrative Summary report and identify those key experiences that we can then make into a consistent narrative that can be incorporated into your personal or business communications. In looking at your professional goals we then collaboratively brain storm and develop your narrative to be used in your online profile, in person narrative or to be used in a keynote on stage.
What does it include?
  • We meet for 2 hours in person or over Skype and review your Professional Narrative Summary.
  • The session is recorded, edited and provided to you for future reference.
  • We develop your personal Beat Sheet™ that breaks down your core message into the main story elements and structure.
What's the process?
Depending on your business goals: keynote speech, networking events, elevator pitch, interview responses, we practice sharing your professional narrative with others.
What's the process?
  • We meet for 2 hours in person or over Skype.
  • The session is recorded so you can later listen to and refine different components of your story.
  • A whole story is created that can be applied in either a personal or professional setting.
  • Depending on your needs you have the option to book additional sessions at a discounted rate.

“I tell stories because that’s the best way of spreading information.” – Donald Glover