Leverage The Power Of Story In Business

Inspire your audience. Connect with your clients.

Engage your employees.

“Tell me about yourself!”

The most awkward question of any interview or networking event.


Where do you start?  How much time do you have?


How do you stand out in a room full of professionals?

Everyone remembers a good story. Stories have the ability to emotionally connect. They’re memorable and can motivate an audience towards a single goal. A well-crafted story can take your idea from forgettable to memorable. In business, your story helps to build your credibility and attract new and potential investors. In the workplace, a strong storytelling culture helps to engage employees behind the company’s mission. Knowing how to tell an engaging story can take your career and business to the  next level. 


Individual story coaching sessions and group workshops are designed to help ambitious professionals discover and develop compelling stories aligned with their business goals. 


Create your professional narrative of stories that highlight your personality, ideas and everything you have to offer. 

What if I don’t have a story?

Everyone has a story, but when you’re the main character it’s hard to see it.
This is how we go about finding it.


Where does your story start? We look back to discover the narrative of how your unique life experiences have shaped your professional life.


We collaboratively build a compelling narrative that explains the why behind what you do in a way that is unique, natural and authentic.


Share your story with the world. We look at different ways to connect with your audience and integrate your personal story in your business.

Share Your Story

If you’re anything like me, you forget someone’s name 10 secs after they tell you, which can make following up from networking events really awkward.

Stories stick! They create natural neural connections which make it easier to recall and stand appart from all the 10000 messages that we get in a day.

So instead of “Which accountant was that?” They remember, you, your story and what makes you “The Best Accountant they’ve ever met! “

Don’t miss an opportunity to move your career forward.

Know your story. Get sticky!

How does storytelling help me in business?


No more stumbling to answer the question: “So, what do you do?” Tell the story of who you are based on your experiences not cliches.

Website Bio

Writing your own bio is the worst. Unless you know your story. It’s your personality, not your titles, that makes you unique.

Public Speaking

Get rid of bored faces, instead put people on the edge of their seats with stories that make your ideas memorable.


Connect with your audience on a human level through stories, not just facts and data that no one remembers.

Career Transition

Access new opportunities by connecting the story of what you’ve done to what you want to do.


No one remembers: “I’m an Accountant.” But people remember the story behind why you’re an accountant.

Connect With Your Audience

Your story is only as good at the people listening. If your story isn’t relevant to your audience, they’re not going to listen.

Stories have a way of emotionally moving people to action. So it’s important to understand how the stories you use in your presentation are aligned with your goals, your main message and the audience.

People don’t remember numbers.

But they will remember the story that makes the numbers make sense.

Our Clients

Storytelling promotes collaboration, create a positive work culture and enhances group connection and communication.


What People are Saying

I am so grateful for the time you spent going over everything and I absolutely love your approach. You have a wonderful superpower. Thank you! Nathalie Schoenauer

Media Production | Videographer, IMDB

The art of storytelling requires a different set of tools and a different mindset. Kate has taught me how to connect with an audience on a much deeper, more emotional level! Natlie Currie

Professional Coach | Experiential Trainer, The Way Finding Coach

I had so many ideas from different presentations, but struggled to connect them in a logical order that made sense. Kate helped to draw out my ideas, define my words more clearly and create a structure to my presentation. 

David Graham

Founder, Edge3